The Dungeon of Horrors was designed by Henry Riccio, a longtime Bloomfield resident and owner of HR Lock, Inc. Mr. Riccio developed the blueprint of the Dungeon, laying out the intricate floor plan of the maze as well as deciding on every detail of the Dungeon?s design. In addition, all animated displays were constructed by Mr. Riccio.

Henry Riccio

To build the Dungeon it took:

 78 4' x 8' sheathing panels
 300 2" x 3" 8' wall studs
4000 drywall screws
10 gallons white paint
10 gallons black paint
20 cans of spray paint
300' electrical wiring
Various colored & ultraviolet lightbulbs
450+ combined man hours within a 28 day time period
Would you like to see the building in progress? Click HERE  for a quick look:

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